Thursday, November 11, 2010

A Whole New Look With All Of Your Old Furniture!

The weather is cooling down and the family is moving indoors. You begin to notice how dated your space looks. With our long winters you need to create a space of comfort. Before the chaos of the holidays, call punchjordan Home to set up an appointment for some custom upholstery. Bring your own fabric or choose from our library of designer textiles. One simple change can make all the difference in YOUR world!

The New Way To Recycle!

The New Way To Recycle!

The new (and classy) way to recycle!

If you have ever wondered what punchjordan is all it is. In this tough economy, we need to cut our costs where we can. Visit your local second-hand store or even a weekend garage sale and seek out that perfect style chair. The wear and tear condition is of little importance. The chair will cost you next to nothing so you can really splurge on a fabulous fabric and a quality upholstery job. This will give you a new flare in your space without breaking the bank.

Friday, July 30, 2010

How Would You Define Your Style?

It's less of a style and more of an attitude, or and emotion. The essence of a room is the feeling it conjures. I am interested in creating places that make you and your guests feel comfortable. Always be true to yourself, but keep evolving. Don't limit yourself to one mood. Intuition counts. Do not sell yourself short. You have to take risks...some of them have to be right! What's really important is doing something you relate to, something that is personal.